Puyallup South Hill Rotary Committees

Rotary Committees

Rotary committees connect our members and encourage friendships among our club members. Whether you are interested in service to our community, networking, or fellowship with other Rotarians, you are sure to find a group to fit your interest.

Book Club

Meets monthly, usually on the third Monday of the month, at 6 pm at various homes.

Members read a book each month and meet to enjoy fellowship with current and former Rotarians and are served dinner provided by the host of the meeting. The book, which is chosen by the host of the meeting, is reviewed through lively discussion.



No regularly scheduled meetings

Reviews Club Bylaws on a routine basis and recommends changes to the Board of Directors.


Club Roster

No regularly scheduled meetings.

Prepares the Club Roster which is distributed annually to club members.


Club Service

No regularly scheduled meetings.

Develops and implements educational, humanitarian, and vocational projects that address the needs of the local and international communities; solicits opportunities for members to provide service in the local community.


Community Vocational Awards

Meets prior to the Community Vocational Awards Luncheon which is held the second Thursday in May at Pierce College Puyallup.

Carries out the Community Vocational Awards program and luncheon. Publicizes nominations for the award, selects and notifies award recipients, and carries out the luncheon honoring the award recipients.



No regularly scheduled meetings

Description: Selects projects that enhance an environmentally friendly community.


Firesides / Fellowship

No regularly scheduled meetings

Plans and carries out quarterly club firesides and other fellowship and networking activities for members, prospective members, and guests that promote friendship, fellowship, and finding common interests.


Gold and Silver Auction and Raffle

Meets prior to the Gold and Silver Auction and Raffle which is usually held in February. Develops plans and activities for the annual fundraising event.



Meets are monthly on the second Thursday of the month at 12:00 am at the Ram Restaurant.

Reviews requests for funding and recommends local and international projects that meet goals and objectives.


Hounds on the Hill

Meets on the first Thursday of the month from March through September at 1:30 pm at the Ram Restaurant

Plans and carries out the annual Hounds on the Hill Dog Walk and Street Fair usually held on the third Saturday in August at Bradley Lake Park Puyallup.



Meeting dates vary and are held at Emerald Ridge High School; contact Interact Advisor for more details

Attend monthly meetings of the Emerald Ridge Interact Club, mentor Interact students and provide assistance from the club as requested.


International Projects

No regularly scheduled meetings.

Serves to fulfill Rotary’s mission of “advancing international understanding, goodwill, and peace.” The committee works to select projects that positively impact the health, education, and welfare of disadvantaged people in other countries.


No regularly scheduled meetings

Description: Selects projects that enhance and support literacy in our community.

Membership Committee

No regularly scheduled meetings.

Develops and implements a comprehensive plan for the recruitment, integration, and retention of members; meets with prospective new members and coordinates membership process from pre-application to standing blue-badge member.


Membership Recruitment

No regularly scheduled meetings.

Reviews classifications of members in all membership categories and seeks to find members in underrepresented areas. Reports to the Membership Chair.



Meetings held each August.

Select a president-elect designee; prepare job descriptions for the positions of president, president-elect, and president-elect designee; immediate past president chairs committee.


New Fundraiser

No regularly scheduled meetings.

Research community needs to determine next major club project.



No regularly scheduled meetings.

Provides photos for club events


Property Management

No regularly scheduled meetings.

Evaluates condition of Club properties and makes recommendations for needed repairs.


Public Relations

No regularly scheduled meetings.

Develop and implement plans to provide the public with information about Rotary and to promote the club’s projects and activities; works with the press to promote Club programs, projects, and activities and prepares press releases as needed; maintains the club website and coordinates social media activities.


Rotary Foundation

No regularly scheduled meetings.

Develops and implements plans to achieve 100% participation in support of the Rotary Foundation through sustaining memberships; develops a meaningful Paul Harris award ceremony; prepares and delivers periodic talks on topics relating to the Rotary Foundation and the importance of contributing to its mission


No regularly scheduled meetings.

Reviews scholarship applications from students at Rogers and Emerald Ridge high schools and selects scholarship recipients.


No regularly scheduled meetings

Description: Recruits local businesses and organizations to support club goals and activities.


Strategic Plan Implementation and Grants

No regularly scheduled meetings.

Reviews annual club goals and reports progress to the Board of Directors.


Students of  the Month

No regularly scheduled meetings.

Presents students of the month from Rogers and Emerald Ridge high schools to the club.


Youth Protection

No regularly scheduled meetings.

Provides education to the club on youth protection and abuse and harassment prevention requirements in compliance with the Rotary District 5020 policy.