Puyallup South Hill Rotarians have pledged as a TEAM to raise funds to support victims of child abuse and neglect. Click on the link below to support the South Hill Rotary TEAM.

Courage 2020 Donation

Mary Bridge LogoThanks to annual donations from caring individuals and an endowment funded with the help of the Rotary Clubs of Pierce County, nearly 15,000 children suspected to be victims of abuse or neglect have received medical exams through the Child Abuse Intervention Department (CAID) at Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital since 1988.

CAID offers medical assistance, family support and general education to empower members of the community to recognize signs of abuse.

In 2019, 415 children received outpatient medical exams, 59 medical consultations were provided to the inpatient population for injuries associated with child abuse, and 47 patients were seen on emergent request.

Your generosity supports victims of child abuse and neglect.

These services would not be possible without donor support. Insurance does not cover all medical care costs associated with abuse — especially sexual abuse — leaving victims with limited options. In their darkest hour, Courage riders can stand with victims of child abuse by ensuring children have access to the services they need to seek justice and healing.

Mary Bridge Courage Fundraiser