Steve Larsen won the big prize at the Puyallup South Hill Rotary Gold and Silver Gala held at the Pioneer Park Pavilion in Puyallup Friday, February 28th.

Anticipation grew throughout the evening as emcee Jeremy Hamel called each of the numbers on the raffle tickets.  The drawing continued until the very last ticket was drawn. That ticket was purchased by Steve Larsen, Tacoma resident, and spouse of South Hill Rotarian Pam Larsen.  The event was chaired by South Hill Rotarian Cally Fortin.

As each number was drawn, one of our local Daffodil princesses pinned the number to one of the boards in the front of the room.  Prizes were also awarded for the person holding the first ticket, the $250th ticket, and the 500th ticket. Winner of the first ticket was Kristy Bernal, the 250th ticket winner was Gerry Moody, and the winner of the 500th ticket was Georga Prossick.

“Heads and Tales” Coin Toss

Another highlight of the evening was the “Heads and Tales” Coin Toss coordinated by Rotarian Bob Tacy. Participants wore gold or silver beads that they had purchased throughout the evening. Participants gathered at the front of the room, chose either heads or tales, and Emcee Hamel tossed the coin. Each participant choosing the incorrect side of the coin gave up one of their beads.

The Coin Toss continued until there were two participants left standing with beads, Rotarian Dudley Yamane and community member Angela Olson. The two remaining participants chose “Heads or Tales,” and the coin was tossed. The winner was Dudley Yamane who ended the contest with a couple of sets of beads left around his neck and several hundred dollars in cash.

Interspersed among the raffle were several door prizes, donated by local organizations, which were awarded to various attendees in the room. The event was catered by Choice Catering of Tacoma.


Major Sponsors of the Event Included


Platinum Sponsor

South Hill Collision & Auto Glass


Gold Sponsors

Deer Creek Memory Care Center

Highstreet Advertising, Inc.

State Farm Gerry Moody Insurance


Gold Dust Sponsor

The Old Cannery


Silver Bar Sponsor

Don’s Drive-In

Mel Korum Family YMCA

MultiCare Health System


Created by 2014-2015 South Hill Rotary President Rick Hansen, this is the sixth annual $10,000 Reverse Raffle held by Puyallup South Hill Rotary. “The reward from all this is four years of being able to continue our good work on projects benefitting our local community” exclaimed Kevin Bates, Puyallup South Hill Rotary President. “We are looking forward to putting these funds to work in projects in our local community!”

Proceeds from the raffle ticket sales will benefit transitional housing for local homeless families, student scholarships, and other projects supported by Puyallup South Hill Rotary.