Save your Plastic – Help our Environment


Plastic packaging waste has invaded all of our lives. In partnership with NexTREX, Puyallup South Hill Rotary is working to help keep this waste out of our landfills, rivers, and streams.

By collecting your plastic bags and materials, we can donate them to NexTREX to be made into eco-friendly outdoor products such as decks, railings, benches, chairs, tables, and other products. In exchange for our donation of 500 pounds of plastic, NexTREX will give our Club a bench that we can donate to a local community organization.


All of us can help. Please save your clean plastic Amazon mailers, grocery bags, newspaper wrappers, vegetable bags, etc., and store them at your home until we have identified a collection site.


Still confused about what to collect? Use the “Rule of Thumb!” If you can stretch the plastic with your thumb, we can use your plastic.

Start collecting now — we will post another notice as soon as we have collection bins set up around Puyallup.